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201. St. George's Hospital

202. [Stages in the lifecycle of a privet hawkmoth]

204. The succotrine aloe =: Aloe succotrina

206. The surgeon's theatre in the Old Bailey

208. Sweetwood =: Laurus folio longiore

211. [The uterus]

212. [The uterus]

216. Thomas Kirkland M.D

217. Three country bumpkins chanc'd to meet

219. Thus plenty sits with pipe and liquor

220. Tim Bobbin

222. [Tourniquet apparatus]

223. The Tower Hill Esculapius

224. Transplanting of Teeth

226. [Trephining equipment]

230. [Venesection on the arm]

231. The vine =: Vitis, vinifera

233. White lilly =: Lilium album

234. Wild tansie =: Argentina, potentilla