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401. Roman seats in the Louvre Museum

404. Samuel B. Woodward

405. Samuel White

429. Screams of woman in labor

433. [Seeds of Venus looking-glass]

434. Sepia officinalis: Cuttle fish

435. [Series of embryos]

437. Seven-cent Lodging House, New York City

439. [Shaking Palsy]

450. Small blue-bottle =: Cyanus minor

454. Spanish fowl

455. [Speculum table]

458. [Sponges and anemone]

459. [Stages in the lifecycle of a privet hawkmoth]

465. The succotrine aloe =: Aloe succotrina

467. Surgeon's Upright Case

468. Sus scrofa =: The hog

469. Suspended animation

470. Syringes

471. Tabaco or Henbane of Peru: Tabaco of Trinidada

474. Tar!

475. Tegeneria medicinalis: Spider, house-spider

478. [The uterus]

479. [The uterus]

480. [Text of title page]

481. Thomas S. Kirkbride

482. [Thomas S. Kirkbride]

483. Three vertical shafts

485. Tic doloureux

491. The Toggenburg Goats

493. [Toilet with elevated tank]

494. [Torpedo]

495. [Tourniquet apparatus]

499. The tree of life

500. [Trephining equipment]