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103. [Profile of human brain]

104. [Dentures]

105. [Base of the brain]

106. [Early medical library]

108. [Impacted uterus]

110. [Birthing Chair]

114. [Ear]

115. [Anatomy of the neck]

117. [Anatomy of the human body, rear view]

118. [Muscles]

119. [Muscles]

123. Orate ne intretis in tentationem

124. Surgite mortui venite ad Judicium

126. [Pierre Fauchard]

127. A. Corn. Celsus

128. [Anatomy of the human male]

129. [Anatomy of the human male]

130. [Anatomy of the human male]

131. [Anatomy of the human male]

132. [Anatomy of the human male]

133. [Anatomy of the human male]

134. [Anatomy of the human male]

135. [Stages in the lifecycle of a privet hawkmoth]

136. [Lifecycle of moths]

137. [Lifecycle of moths]

138. [Lifecycle of a moth]

139. [Lifecycle of a moth]

141. [Lifecycle of a fly]

142. [Lifecycle of a moth]

143. [Lifecycle of the ermine moth]

144. [Lifecycle of the red underwing moth]

145. [Lifecycle of a moth]

146. [Lifecycle of a moth]

147. Dandelion =: Dens leonis, taraxcum

148. Red poppy =: Papaver, rubrum, erraticum, rhoeas

149. Garden cucumber =: Cucumis sativus

150. Wild tansie =: Argentina, potentilla