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58. [Base of the brain]

60. [Circulation of the blood]

61. [Circulation of the blood]

62. Felis, et Leporis

63. [Body Snatching]

64. Pharmacia

65. [Witchcraft and demonology]

66. White English Medow Saffron

67. Canis

70. [Blood transfusion from animal to human]

73. [Microscope used by Robert Hooke]

74. [Muscles]

75. [Botany - Medical]

76. [Cesarean section]

77. [Cesarean section]

78. [Development of the fetus]

80. [A man standing at a furnace]

82. [Base of the brain]

85. De la Licorne

86. Du Bezoar

87. De la Vipere

88. Du Narwal

90. [Magnified view of cork tissue]

93. [Urogenital system]

97. [An early telescope]

100. Organi Auditus