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1. "Dry-Catch" Privy

3. The "Mundif" Pedestal Closet

7. [16th century flush toilet]

8. [16th century public bathroom]

10. Virga aurea

12. [A delivery table]

13. [A man being attacked by insects]

14. [A man infested with dracunculus]

16. [A man seated in a chair attached to a scale]

17. [A man standing at a furnace]

20. [A melancholic encounter]

23. [A phase of the moon]

24. [A phase of the moon]

25. [A sanguine encounter]

27. [A seated woman holding a flower]

31. [A snake in the shape of the letter O]

34. [A tubal pregancy]

36. A. Corn. Celsus

37. [Abdominal cavity]

38. [Abdominal muscles]

39. [Abdominal muscles]

40. [Abdominal muscles]

41. [Abdominal muscles]

42. [Abdominal muscles]

43. [Abdominal muscles]

44. [Abdominal muscles]

45. [Abdominal muscles]

46. [Abdominal muscles]

47. [Abdominal muscles]

48. [Abdominal muscles]

49. Absinthium vulgare

53. Acanthus uera =: Welsch Bernklaw

58. Achromatic Microscopes

62. [Adam and Eve figures]

63. [Adam and Eve figures]

67. [Aeneas visits purgatory]

68. Aeriophilon

73. Of sage

74. Of sage

75. [A vain book collector]

76. [Albertus Magnus teaching four pupils]

77. [Albino children]

80. Alches

82. Alchymya

83. Aliéné en démence

86. Allis' Ether Inhaler

87. Aloe

88. Aloe =: Aloen

89. Alopecia areata Celsi

95. [Amphioxus and ascidian]

99. [A man and an angel]